We had two days in Paris and it was a whirlwind!  We got the apartment in the afternoon and the power was out so we just went walking.  The Eiffel Tower was only a few minutes away.  It kind of felt like I was dreaming seeing it real life!  We walked a lot around the city near where we were staying, saw the Arc de Triomphe and walked the Avenue des Champs-Élysées and had late night crêpes at the Eiffel tower.  The next day we got up early and went down to the louvre.  It was amazing and we definitely need to go back again! So overwhelming and so much to see! I teared up looking at a Raphael.  After the Louvre, we walked along the Seine and saw the Notre Dame de Paris.  Had more crêpes and then walked some more and some more crêpes, haha! We had a relaxed morning preparing for our flight to India the next day.  See you again soon Paris!