My 5 day workshop with Gopal Sharma was amazing. I’ve done a bit of block printing in Canada but nothing as complex as he taught me to do. My last piece was a 5 colour repeat patterned scarf with a 5 colour border. In block printing and screen printing each colour is separated, so if you have 1 colour you would only ever need 1 block and if you have 5 colours you need 5 blocks to complete the design. Each block needs to line up within the over all design precisely in order for the pattern to be repeated correctly over the surface of the cloth, if your hands move even the slightest bit to one side then the design won’t match up. Thankfully any mistakes I made on my last piece will only be noticed by me!

I will be continuing to explore block printing here on a large scale final piece which I will exhibit at the beginning of June. I am currently working on more designs to have made into my own original wood blocks that I will be able to bring back home with me. Over the next few days I will be drawing like crazy to try and make some headway in my block designs while Zac and I check out some of the heritage sites in Jaipur! As always more photos are coming soon!