After visiting the tie dye studio I got to thinking a lot more about all the vibrant colours that are on everyone and on everything here in Jaipur. I started off by just doing a few colour studies on small pieces of watercolour paper. The way of dress here is much more conservative (even in the 40 degree Celsius temperatures!) than anywhere I have ever been before through Europe and North America. Often the only female body parts that are shown are hands, feet and face. Keeping this in mind I started drawing hands, feet and faces emerging from the drips of colour. I am using a brass wrapped thread to embroider in trims highlighting the areas around the emerging appendages. Here are a few photos of ones I’ve finished and the wall of colourful swatches waiting for the application of a gouache hand or foot pose. I went a little crazy and decided to make a painting for everyday that Zac and I are in India.

20130530-231721.jpg 20130530-231732.jpg 20130530-231751.jpg 20130530-231739.jpg 20130530-231745.jpg