Today the artist’s residency where we are staying; ArtInn Jaipur set up it’s brand new block printing table! Before the actual printing can commence, an inauguration ceremony must be performed on the table. A special cloth with woven borders is pinned to the table and the owner of the table, Devena Singh, draws a red Indian swastika in one corner for good luck and auspicious beginnings. Next, one or two of the blocks are dabbed with a dot of kumkum on the handle and sprinkled with a few grains of rice to ask the gods for blessings. A colourful piece of string is then tied around the handle. Everyone present at the time of the ceremony must then choose a block and print it five times on the cloth. The cloth will rest there until the next day when it can be taken off and the work can begin! Congratulations Devena and ArtInn Jaipur!