Zac and I spent 3 nights in the beautifully unique city of Venice, Italy.  There is no place like it in the world that either of us has seen. The Veneto which is the main network of islands that people most commonly refer to when talking about Venice is a pedestrian and boat only city, connected by narrow walking paths and bridges. Zac was amazed when looking at the public transportation map, realizing for the first time that all the doted lines describing the various routes where actually on the water! We took one of these ferry boats to the small island of Burano, know for lace making textile traditions and home to the Museo Merletto (a small lace museum well worth a visit!).  The shops and homes of Burano are painted all the colours of the rainbow, making the island a joy to walk around. The ferry ride from the ferry dock at the north side of the Veneto takes you about 40 minutes each way and will cost you around 14 euro for the round trip.  Other highlights during our stay included the Bi-annual “art olympics” as we came to refer to it, the Venice Biennale.  We spent a great day taking in the exhibits from the “Encyclopedic Palace” portion of the city wide art show.  We were also able to catch possibly the best curated show I have ever seen “Manet, Return to Venice“, I would highly recommend a visit to the Doge’s Palace in St.Mark’s Square just to see this wonderful show.