Florence, Italy has been my favourite city in the world since I was 17 and came to Europe for the first time.  The architecture is beautiful, the museums are breathtaking, the piazzas are numerous and relaxing, the public art is inspiring, the Arno river is quiet, the cobble stone streets are romantic (until you trip) and the food is phenomenal.  We spent about five days in my favourite city and I think Zac fell in love with it too.  We spent our time enjoying all the fore-mentioned things.  It was recommended to us by another tourist while walking around a book store to pick up a copy of the new Dan Brown book, Inferno.  When we asked the unenthused book shop keeper where we could find an English copy of the book they swatted us away to the far corner of the shop, it was then that we realized the entire English speaking population within a few blocks radius was either in the shop with us or had already asked that question.  We opted not to carry a gigantic large hard cover brick of a book with us but instead downloaded an audio book version of Inferno.  The majority of the book takes place in Florence and in another Italian city that we had visited so we couldn’t help but sync up our apple devices and play the book as we adventured around the city with our own ear buds in side by side.  It was hilarious listening to the suspenseful portions and making ourselves laugh aloud as we turned to each other with gasps in unison, or when we would turn a corner in the Uffizi gallery and hear the names of the artists that we were looking at worked into the story plot.  I highly recommend listening to the audio book if you are headed to Florence!

Perseus slaying Medusa, note the winged sandals that can also be seen in our photo of the Salvatore Ferragamo shop window.