To start off our part of the trip in Belgium we celebrated Zac’s 30th birthday medieval style at the Ommegang annual medieval festival. We drank delicious Belgian beer in the street and watched kings get dressed in their armour to compete in challenges on horseback it was amazing. We walked around the city and went to some great pubs and only managed to make it to one museum, Musee d’Ixelles where there was a Chat Noir exhibit of Cabaret, circus and book posters from La Belle Époque Paris featuring posters made by Toulouse Lautrec and many other artists! We are both realizing that travelling to so many places as artists and designers is quite a task, you want to give every city your utmost attention and really see everything, soak it in feel inspired and get your creative ideas flowing so that when you go home you can keep that momentum going. We are so overstimulated, we needed a rest by the time Zac’s birthday had passed so we spent some time resting up and relaxing in Brussels. Since Zac is still working on his illustration work for his full time job in Canada and I had a commissioned web design to work on we had to get some of that work out of the way. Even doing everyday things when your not in your everyday home is fun it’s interesting mixing up your environments. All in all we had a nice time in Belgium but we are looking forward to the next place, Amsterdam house boat here we come!