We love Amsterdam! We had an excellent but short stay in Amsterdam. We had an authentic Dutch experience with life on a beautiful house boat only a short tram ride from the city centre. We enjoyed walking around the city and looking in the antique shops. The Van Gogh museum was great, almost an entire museum dedicated to the life works of the famous Dutch artist. The museum was by far the priciest one we’ve been to at 15 euro each for entry, it was great but in comparison to the Louvre in Paris for 11 euro it seems like a bit too big a price tag, having that said if you like Van Gogh you will love it (book tickets online to save yourselves a line up!). We also caught a great Edward Steichen fashion photography exhibit which was a great surprise. The red light district is definitely worth a walk through, we had a great time people watching from a restaurant in one of the alley ways. We will definitely be back for a much longer stay here in the future!