I began my day today walking around the property checking for any progress in nature after a good rainfall the night before and I noticed some old bottles in the window of one of the out buildings. small pond arts bottle collection

These are all old soda pop bottles that were found after Milé and Krista bought Small Pond. These bottles got me thinking about the things we decide are beautiful or special, things we keep and what we collect. Later on in the day at dinner with my aunt and uncle we got to talking about the things we hold on to. We discussed the valueless things we keep in boxes and going through the belongings of family members after they pass away. It’s strange the things we think are important enough to put safely in a box, yet forget about over time. It’s even stranger when we spend countless hours rooting through said boxes to find a worthless piece of ceramic, plastic or paper.

“Things” are important to me, not in an outright materialistic way but in the sense that they each carry memories and construct a more complete sense of home and belonging for me. Luckily I have found a partner with a similar if not more overt need to collect, as stuff often finds a way of causing friction in relationships. If zac were to for example have all of his hundred and one star wars action figures in our living room I would have a problem with that, thankfully they are tucked away in a box in his dad’s crawlspace. If I were to say scatter the sand from each beach I have visited on our kitchen floor Zac would have a problem with that, thankfully each bottle of sand is sealed in a box under my side of the bed.

  • What do you collect? sand from every beach I have visited, gold or brass necklace charms, fabric, books, carved wood blocks for printing and many more things
  • Do you display your collection? most of the time
  • Do you have something important in a box that you would never want thrown away? I don’t think so which probably means no

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