SuccessDo you ever finish a day off watching the sunset and think to yourself “what a full day, I don’t think there is any way I could have got more done!”. I feel like I’ve just finished off a week like that. It is such a great feeling to be able to go through your checklist and realize that you did everything you wanted to do plus some. This of course does not happen without hard work, maybe some luck, a plan, a schedule, a good night’s sleep, food to keep you going, a good mood and probably many more variables. When those “stars align” the feeling of success at the end of the day is pretty special and cause for celebration I think.

There is a great podcast that I am slightly obsessed with called TED Radio Hour on NPR which you can download off itunes. This program broadcasts a curated selection of TED talks within a select topic every week. They’ll often re-interview the speakers of different talks during the hour and give alternate viewpoints and create connections between presenters. This past week there was a podcast about success which I urge you to check out along with the rest of the excellent topics available here.