When I woke up this morning I had every intention of ignoring the world and curling up with a blanket, in a comfortable chair, outside and finally start reading one of my many library books that have yet to get read after 3 renewals. When I passed through the kitchen to get a cup of coffee I couldn’t help but notice a poster. This piece of writing made me smile and panic at the same time. The part of me that is a consumer of artistic goods was thinking “right on, I love finding cheap posters and prints at shows”, the educator in me thought “now now come on you could have used a smaller font and included a couple hundred more reasons why accessibly priced art would make the world a better place” and the artist in me started sweating thinking about the price range available for my own work. I left the house for my comfy chair outside thinking about my own manifesto and pricing. Here are some of the questions and answers I came up with, give it some thought:

  • Should every artist have something under $10 for sale? yes
  • Should every person own a piece of art? yes
  • Should every person attempt to make a piece of art outside of school projects? yes
  • Has a piece of art ever changed your life in a big or small way? yes
  • Have you ever cried looking at art? yes
  • Is art a business? yes
  • Should anyone be able to have art? yes
  • Can art actually feed you? no, only food does that
  • Should all art be cheap? definitely not
  • Can art change the world? absolutely
Small Pond Arts Kitchen Manifesto Poster